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Mobility and exchange office


The mobility and exchange office promotes the Internatinal relations of Institut Bonanova. Its mission is centered on several points:a) to promote mobility among our short-cycle students on their compulsory training period, as well as the incoming students. And when it is possible, to promote studies mobility exchange. b) To promote the mobility of academic staff to participate in trainig courses or workshops and then to share his learning experiences with the rest of the educational community. c) To become an advisory office where our students or incoming students can obtain information about the process for competences convalidation or the process for title homologation on the various countries of the European space. d) To promote the possibility of exchanging experiences among youngsters of similar age and similar professional competence. Strengthening the sense of European citizenship and the knowledge of the culture and habits from other countries.


The vision of the Mobility office is to move more than 5 % of our short cycle students and become a point of reference for european enterprises when they are looking for job applicants on our health studies specialization.


The values of the Mobility and exchange office are aligned with our institution: 

• Review and continuous improvement
• Adapting to change and new technologies
• Management autonomy and decision making
• Transparency
• Tolerance and respect for people
• Optimal use of resources and the environment


Students mobility training

Advise on the process of competences convalidation

Staff mobility and formation

Documentation and acreditation


Roser Pagan
Mireia Calaf
Eduardo Nuñez


email: Erasmus(ELIMINAR)