Mobility and exchange office, an added value for our students.


One of the aims of the Bonanova Institute is to promote the internationalisation of the Institute by promoting specific programmes and activities to improve our international projection and presence. This internationalisation should be understood as a transversal element in the Institute's own activities and affects all the groups and collectives that make up the Institute.


  • Promote mobility among students.
  • Promote the mobility of teachers and staff to participate in courses or workshops and then share their learning experiences with the rest of the educational community.

  • Offer information on the process of recognition of competences or the process of accreditation of the qualification in different countries.

  • Promote the possibility of exchanging experiences among young people of the same age and similar professional competence.

  • Encourage a sense of European citizenship and knowledge of the culture and habits of other countries.

Call for international mobility places

Mobility map

Erasmus + mobilities carried out by students and staff of the Bonanova Institute

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Erasmus +

Training abroad gives vocational training an added value to our students and offers the possibility of enriching their education.

Our school obtained the Erasmus Charter in 2014, which we have renewed until 2027.

European Commissio


Erasmus a Grenoble Laionel Peñafiel

+ Experiences

Erasmus a Nàpols Míriam Huertas

+ Experiences

Erasmus a Hull, la meva experiència Erasmus ha estat molt positiva, tant per la meva formació com a tècnic com per a fer de mi una persona més autosuficient i segura de si mateixa. Xavier Torres

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L’Institut Bonanova aconsegueix la renovació de la Carta Erasmus d’Educació Superior per al període 2021-2027

Aquesta Carta estableix el marc general de qualitat per a les activitats de col·laboració europea i internacional que poden realitzar les institucions d'educació superior a través de el programa Erasmus +.


Mobility and exchange office: Erasmus(ELIMINAR)

  • Roser Pagan
  • Eduardo Nuñez
  • Mireia Calaf
  • Merce Martí
  • Elena Senis